Go West.

My ladies have gone west to Davis, California for the Pour for Prevention event this Saturday evening. This is a time to thank the people who work with abused children. Their heartbreaking job is so important and sadly even necessary. My friend, artist and art therapist, Hannah Hunter describes this art and vintner collaboration, the meaning behind it and the terrible statistics that befall children in our country on her blog. As we read the newspaper we daily see the need for child abuse agencies. It is a sad commentary on our world that is even necessary, but it is.

If you will be in Sacramento this weekend please consider attending this event. You will have the opportunity to taste fine wines and view great art. For more information, click here for the details.

Beth Crews Rommel Hannah Hunter Kindle Lady of the Written Word

Carrying a Kindle Instead

As of this morning my computer is up and transmitting for the first time since we moved. What a relief to have my trusty keyboard and monitor and all that goes with it.

While unpacking boxes and hanging artwork in our new house I planned my next pieces. My friend, Hannah Hunter has invited me to participate in a show in Davis, California. The event will take place at the end of this month. I will send “Good-Bye” the lady in the yellow and pink dress, but wanted two new pieces for the California debut.

With this show in mind I have created “Lady of the Written Word”. Maybe it is the many boxes of books I moved, or the 20 bags of books I donated to charity before we moved, or the love I now have for my Kindle that prompted this piece.

I was one of those folks who said I need to have the sensory experience of touching the cover and turning the pages. I was after all a librarian and have always wanted to illustrate children’s books.

Last night after switching off my trusty Kindle I realized it is the words in the book that hold me spellbound. The turning of the pages is okay, but the fact that I am building my own library in a slim volume of my own is pretty fantastic. I marvel at all of the words I can hold in my hand and access in an almost weightless volume.

Maybe the next painting of the “Lady of the Written Word” should be a figure with a Kindle flying happily as she holds her complete library in one hand. She won’t be groaning as she carries boxes of her treasured tomes up several flights of stairs.