10 things I have Noticed

I have made mental notes of some things I have noticed in my first weeks in our new hometown of Atlanta.

1. The restaurants are fantastic. Fresh food, imagination in cuisine and surroundings, and there is a lot to choose from.

2. It is hot, but it is dry heat:)

3. The Botanical Gardens are beautiful. A demonstration kitchen in the heart of the vegetable garden, the herb wall, the orchid house, the conservatory with quail wandering about inside, the Hydrangeas, the canopy walk…a real treat even in the summer heat…shade works.

4. Traffic abounds.

5. I am going to love Decatur. Tons of sand are being brought to the square this weekend for a beach party. What fun if I had small children.

6. The farmer’s markets are full of great food right now…corn, peaches, tomatoes.

7. I wish I had some friends here to explore with.

8. Almost every person I pass on my walks says, “hello.” The southern way, how nice.

9. My French Market coffee is $7.99 a pound at the grocery! Ack! That is crazy expensive.

10. We need rain in the worst way. That would then change the dry heat equation…hmm.

The High Museum is on my to-do list for today. I will report back on that adventure.