Be Still

I have three of my favorite paintings with me. The “Cowboy”, the “Sailor” and the pink and yellow clothed lady named “Good-bye”. They are propped on the floor of this Buckhead living room. I am seeing them again, remembering their colors and patterns, and reminding myself why they are my favorites. They are part of my heart.

I began to visit galleries yesterday.

Here was the one I had seen on my past visits. This was the spot with the great location in my new hometown. Looks like a lovely space. Walk in…artwork stacked haphazardly on the floor. A painting hanging on the wall with a ladder leaning against it. How could it be? Art abuse.

My 2 dimensional children deserve a better home than that.

We are anxious to settle down, my artwork and me. This was not the place for us. We must keep searching…

In the last 24 hours two wise voices have kindly counseled me to slow down and take my time. Then on her last show Oprah mentioned “being still” and listening before making a decision. Looking before leaping, thinking it through, saying a prayer.

Sage words.

A reflection of my past year. Patience.

copyright Beth Crews Rommel

One thought on “Be Still

  1. Beth, I love how you call your paintings your 2 dimensional children–it speaks volumes. And I agree-would you want those kids in a disorganized household? Also enjoyed your description of leaning the paintings up against the wall in your temporary living room. How many times have I set up my own impromptu exhibits in a living room on the road? Enjoy your stay and protect your kids:)P.S. This is Hannah (I'm on Amy's computer)

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