Nashville Billboards April 2, 2011

This is the weekend the Billboard Art Project will exhibit the work of 21 artists from around the world in Nashville. As the copy reads,
“21 artists, 4 billboards, 24 hours.”
Paintings and photographs will be projected larger than life around the city on this Saturday, April 2.

Be sure to cheer when you see some familiar art by this artist, Beth Crews Rommel. Yes, niftyart will be projected to 21′ by 10′ size for all of Nashville to see.

David Morrison is the man behind this project. He held the first digital exhibit in Richmond, Virginia last year. As David writes on facebook, “The Billboard Art Project is a viable artistic medium that takes art out of its normal confines and clusters and allows for the marvelous inadvertent discovery that wakes people from the mundane. The Billboard Art Project is a conduit for the dissemination of variety – cultural, philosophical, spiritual, whimsical, striking, and the sublime.”

So send yourself, your friends, your family to view the spiritual, the whimsical, the striking and the sublime in Nashville this weekend.

Follow this link to find locations, artists, and more information about the Billboard Art Project.

and thank you David Morrison.

4 thoughts on “Nashville Billboards April 2, 2011

  1. Dang, you're the only billboard artist I know! Lucky me. You are doing amazing things with/thru your art, so give yourself a big ol pat on the back.

  2. Yippee!@! Beth I adore this woman in her gorgeous purple suit and think she will look quite at home on a Nashville billboard. This sounds like a wonderful project in the way that it cuts across mainstream American (on the freeway), inserting slices of life seen through artists' eyes. Quite the surprise for the travelers in Nashville!

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