Home is Where Affection Calls

From the age of 7 I wore glasses. My whole family wore glasses. My sister and I thought of ourselves as owls resembling the cartoons we saw and drew. When our dad would travel we would write a letter for him to take on the plane and read while he was away. He traveled a lot, there were a lot of letters. Our closing signature was “us” with a drawing of a daddy owl and two little girl owls, all with glasses.

I have been thinking a lot about what home means. Every weekend, as a child, my family would drive north away from New Orleans to Folsom, LA. We spent countless weekends there at the family farm. There was a little plaque on the wall in the kitchen. It read,
“Home is Not Merely Four Square Walls
Home is Where Affection Calls.”

I believe in the words on that plaque like no others. Regardless of where or what, it is who that makes a family. This little collage I made today illustrates that thought with my own little family of owls. My two children, husband and myself with our myopic eyes.

To make this:
1. Recycle an old painting by covering it with fibrous, handmade papers in orange, green, and putty. Adhere the papers with Modpodge.
2. Cut out owls from an old bird guide and adhere them with Modpodge.
3. Paint branches.
4. Type favorite expression in chosen font. Print it. Cut it out. Modpodge to surface.
5. Cover sides of painting with more handmade paper in coordinating color.

I think I have to keep this one.

copyright 2011 Beth Crews Rommel

8 thoughts on “Home is Where Affection Calls

  1. Thank you all for the comments. Dianne, I love your story, do you still have the collection? and the one from your dad? That is sweet.Gloria that saying has been a comfort through many moves.

    1. how cute!!! I think im going to make a bunch of these and then hide them all around my mom’s house for her bihardty next week. maybe I’ll even write a little note on the back of them 🙂

  2. Your story about the owls brought back fond memories. At a young age I started to collect anything with an owl on it. Soon every birthday and Christmas included at least one "owl related" gift. A special one my dad gave me still makes me smile when I see it.I love the piece you made and the sentiment addressed. It is true, especially when family does not physically live close by, that it is an energy and a spirit of relationships that we call "home", not 4 walls.

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