Katrina Painting Revisited

“It was like being in the eye of a hurricane. You’d wake up in a concert and think, Wow, how did I get here?”
John Lennon

I wonder what drugs he was doing? I don’t ever remember going to sleep during any part of a hurricane because I wanted to know how I got where I was or how was I going to get where I needed to be.

The painting that I posted several months ago, Katrina, has been chosen for the artistsregistry.com members juried show this month in Orlando at the Gallery at Avalon Island. I will let you know the date for the opening in a future blog post so you can join us for the evening event downtown.

Today was the Trinity Prep Art Bazaar organized by genius potter Dawn Ferguson. It was fun to be with like minded artsy souls and to be back on the Trinity campus where I could enjoy the lake views and be sentimental about the ten years our children spent there. The staff and faculty was well represented by Kym Moreland-Garnett, Dawn Ferguson, Irina Ashkraft and Randi Rolek. A lot of artistic talent among these ladies. Thank you to the Patrons of the Arts for their support of the arts at this fine school and thank you to my wonderful friends who stopped by to show their support too.

4 thoughts on “Katrina Painting Revisited

  1. Beth–I'm glad you posted that painting again–I like how the paint conveys the wind, the struggle to move, (or to stay still)and the fragiliity of objects when the hurricane moves through. Congrats on it's acceptance into the show!

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