All That Glitters

Making art and making myself happy is what happens when I put these Glitter Portraits together. From taking the photos, doing a little digital magic to them, then applying glitter, ink and paint to the new “canvas” all is a new pleasure to me.

Taking photos of the wondrous Frankie started this whole new line. Thank you to his “mom”, Jeanine, who allowed me to feed him treats and take pictures till I had the perfect shot.

Experimenting with different digital effects to get the intended look was the next step.

Then the next wave of fun began with the magic and mess that is glitter. The magic and mess that is paint. And the magic and mess that is glue. The glitter was everywhere. The work tables, the glue, the floor, and upon glancing in the mirror, me.

Working on the underside of a canvas where I could corral the glitter was a help in subsequent glitter missions.

The results really appeal to the black velvet painter in me. I am the person who wants to wear faux leopard daily, sequins nightly and mirabou before breakfast. But doesn’t. I am only sorry there wasn’t pink hair dye when I was in college haunting the art buildings.

If you are interested in ordering your own personal glitter portrait contact me at

4 thoughts on “All That Glitters

  1. thank you for the kind words everybody. I had to make sure I defined this correctly and found the spelling is marabou. Oops. Marabou is an African stork. Sometimes its feathers or the downy feathers of a turkey are used to trim hats, or Zsa Zsa Gabor's slippers, stole, the edge of her robes. Marabou is the collective name for that feathery stuff:)

  2. I think you could go ahead with the mirabou, the faux leopard and the pink hair dye. Why ever not?These are wonderful portraits, the glitter reaches out and charms me–settling me into the very best of what the holidays offer; a shimmer that evokes magic.

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