Works by N.W. Rommel

The summer is drawing to a close. A return to school is forefront in our minds. Next week my son and I begin the almost two thousand mile drive to Colorado so N.W. can have his car on campus. We researched shipping the car, but all in all decided, “why not?” I have the time and precious time it will be. How often do you have your almost twenty year old to yourself for 4 days? Not often. I am posting some of his artwork. We share this art-thing. He has spent some time in my studio this summer working on a variety of projects, experimenting with different techniques and materials. I am very proud of his accomplishments.

8 thoughts on “Works by N.W. Rommel

  1. Thank you Leila, we are taking the I-10 route to go see Mom then going straight to Amarillo. I will take a rain check though.It would be fun to have a visit.Hi realist, must look at Griffin and Sabine again it has been a while..they are inspiring.

  2. Beth, Will's works are moving and powerful in his exploration of containment vs movement and transformation. I had no idea he was working alongside you. You, too, have a cause to be proud of yourself for nurturing such an artist and son.

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