What is my stomach saying?

The latest Lascaux Society assignment is an interesting one. Apparently one of our members, as a child, used to wonder what her stomach would say if it could describe what it was eating.

I am trying to translate that to a painting. With balsa wood box primed in gray gesso I was set, or so I thought.

The meal I was reflecting on was from a Turkish restaurant in Sanford, Efes. Wonderful food and a wonderful view of Lake Monroe and the St. John’s River.

Buddy, MK and I shared a hot appetizer platter. We began to muse on what we were going to create for our next Lascaux Society meeting. The detritus from our lunch sat before us…it was too obvious. Lemons, tomatoes, spinach stuffed pie, and a few lettuce leaves were all that was left.

The feeling of satiety, the reds and yellows are all part of what went into this work in progress. I will confess that the first time around the people looked disturbingly like South Park characters.

Stay tuned for the finished product.

By the way here are the portraits MK and I did of each other for a past assignment for Lascaux. On the left my portrait of Mk. On the right the painting and collage of me by MK Shaw. I love it.

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