Face Lift

Okay, if a title like that gets your attention there is too much guilty pleasure television in your life.

Today I did a face lift on the blog, a new banner, a new template from the good folks at blogspot and some new colors. A little lift for a distraction from summer.

If you are a regular reader you know my distaste for summer in Florida, it is here. Almost 100 degrees today. The vegetable garden has already met its demise, the weeds are proliferating and it is too hot to pull them out by their little feet.

I have posted two paintings which are works in progress. They have been looking at me for several weeks. The great inspiration of the moment passed so I have been dragging myself to them to put more paint on the canvas. A tribute to the arts. There is a lady violinist also, she will appear at a later time.

6 thoughts on “Face Lift

  1. O.K. Beth, It did catch my attention and what it a guilty pleasure that was! As I said earlier, I love the look of this revisioning. Its fresh, cool and guaranteed to lift any drooping bloggers! All you need now is ice tea!

  2. Hi Beth,I love the new look! You have inspired me to maybe work on my own blog. I also love the energy of the new paintings.Good luck with the heat. We get pretty hot here too, but (as everyone says) "it's a dry heat".

  3. Hi Beth, I wanted to explain about the blog hop. Actually, I didn't start it. The very first blog listed–I think her name is kelly started it, and basically it's just a way for bloggers to meet other artists that they may never have known about. And I can't remember how I was able to get it on my blog–alot of bloggers have asked how I did it. It took me a few times to finally get it. I think you just copy and paste the link above the websites, and that's all. Everything will then come up on your blog when you post it. I hope this helps!

  4. How fun to see where you went today….round and round in colorful circles in your blog template. Love it! The facelift, that is. Happy to know that you are choosing CREATIVE ACTION over despondent stagnation. Let it flow…now go find some sticks to tie together! ;->

  5. Love the fresh new look of your blog, and these paintings–inspiring!! I'm so sorry about the heat–kind of like our winter here but in reverse.

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