Hannah Strikes a balance in Davis, CA

I recently met Hannah Klaus Hunter through Alyson Stanfield’s Blast Off on-line class. Hannah is an art therapist who works with children and families at the University of California in Davis Children’s Hospital.

Her stories are of bravery, heartache and incredible strength and character. Hannah has become my touchstone in this sea upon which I am sailing.

Balance, harmony, unity with variety are all principles of art Hannah expresses in her work. Looking at these pieces to the left your eye moves in a rhythm to see everything.

This doesn’t happen by accident. It is a skill that artists develop. You should see it all and watch it unfold.

Richness of color is focused with the use of carefully chosen shapes and textures. Individually these elements are important, together they are powerful. Strong lines and forms hold it in place.

The heartfelt choices are reflections of Hannah’s patients and their stories. The feelings unfold in the details. They are lovely and make you want to touch and hug them. How one is affected when they view these pieces says a lot about the balance Hannah offers her friends, family and patients.

To see more of her work visit the USE Credit Union in Davis, CA this Friday for her opening from 5:30-7:30. The show will be open from June 7 to June 19.

One thought on “Hannah Strikes a balance in Davis, CA

  1. Beth,What a tribute! Many, many thanks. It's always interesting and in this case, quite wonderful, to see oneself and one's work through another's eyes.

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