Hurricane Camille

An update on the hurricane series.

Here is a section of the painting, The Wind was Whistling Under the Door. It is in progress. Acrylic paint and collage, 28″ x 22″

When Hurricane Camille was blowing through Mississippi, east of our home in New Orleans, I remember hearing the wind whistling through the weather strip under the front door.

It was August 19, 1969. The winds reached over 200 m.p.h. The fierceness of the storm was trying to reach from under that blue door. This house would later stand 5 feet under water after Katrina.

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Camille

  1. You have really hit on a nail that sings. I think I'm mixing metaphors there, but it's the wine talking….and I just love this image! composition, colors, patterns…it all works so well! Keep goin, my friend!

  2. Hey Hurricane Girl–love the new spaces in your text–helps me imagine that wind whistling and blowing you into your future. Also takes me back to my one and only hurricane experience as a five year old on the coast of Maine.

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