Bright colors and a lonely kitty.

Last weekend on May Day I spent several hours at Artistree Co-op. Two beautiful tents shaded me with several other designers as we monitored the Mother’s Day sale. I painted for those hours beginning a project of 9 panels that will be hung together to form a mosaic of canvases. The bright colors are layered on a base of purple giving them depth. The birds are making a comeback on these canvases as they perch on branches interspersed with flowers.
I have been away from the computer for several weeks while our lovely daughter visited then while on a trip to see family in Texas. In all of the activity we lost our little Scratch. She had had a good long life approaching twenty years with our family. She moved in with us in San Antonio New Year’s Day after our son was born. She moved to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area then retired to Florida where she could enjoy time by the pool, chasing furry things in the woods, and curling up on the laps of family and friends. One of my last posts included a photo of her in her swimwear cover-up. Her portrait is also on this blog. She was a good girl. We are contemplating an addition to our feline family to keep Harold company. Any advice on adding another cat to a family that already has a seven year old hairy male monster in residence would be helpful.

5 thoughts on “Bright colors and a lonely kitty.

  1. Adding a cat – C Note is about 7, is that right? Many many shelters have older cats who have been reluctantly given up by their persons, for reasons of economics and/or health. In your shoes, I would look for a "senior" or adult cat, who knows about being with other cats, is in need of a new permanent home. Most shelters, at least the good ones, have a pretty good idea of personalities of their available cats, and are willing to discuss the issues with you. Good luck! As you know, I'm thinking along the same lines. Both Grinch and Lady joined the household after another cat went off to the bag of kibble in the sky. I found an unexpected comfort in offering a home to a new cat who needed a home.

  2. Hi Beth, I am so happy that I found your blog–your art makes me smile–I love all of these colorful creations. And I'm so sorry to hear about your Scratch–our pets are a very important part of our lives! I'll be following!

  3. Beth,I didn't realize that Scratch had died. I am so sorry. When I see the white birds you are painting, I imagine that they are the spirit birds Scratch is blissfully chasing in the kitty afterlife. May your memories of her be a source of comfort and healing.

  4. Thank you Dianne. It is hard to think about another pet, but Harold seems to want a playmate, at least when he isn't asleep. Our son will be home next week for the summer, maybe he can stand-in. I have a new friend, Hannah, from Alyson's Blast Off class. She lives in Davis, Ca. I imagine at some point she will be at your studio for one of your events. We have talked about your work and blog…keep it up.

  5. So sorry about your cat Beth. That is so hard. After our dog died, my husband said we could not get any more pets until we were 80. He figures we would die before they would and we wouldn't have to do through that again.I love the "birds and flowers" and can't wait to see the whole mosaic.

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