Sunday afternoon I invited three friends with creative leanings to come over for collage time. My dear friends did not know each other, but soon the studio was bubbling with artistic juices. There would be quiet moments where we were each in our own worlds trying to figure out what spring meant to us. Beautiful papers and intriguing materials came in and joined in the mix. We stated this was a no apology zone. Most artists have moments of self criticism and feel the need to say they are sorry to any viewer. This made our afternoon more joyful and liberating, can’t say you are sorry.
What I remember more than anything was the huge smile of each participant as they looked at their finished pieces. They were truly beautiful and filled with heartfelt ingredients whether tangible or emotional. Thank you Laural, Nanci and MK for a great afternoon.

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  1. Beth I'm so glad it all worked out. From the sounds of it, you touched something deep in each of your friends. thanks for showing us all the pics:)

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