"Is it a wingback?" he so glibly asked.

Step 3 in the makeover for my handsome chair for the Chairs 4 Charity Auction. I have spent countless hours in front of HGTV trimming little birds from the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America. I am using small scrapbook scissors with a blade that makes the pieces look as if they have been torn. Using Mod Podge I am adhering the birds to the chair in what I like to think are artful arrangements. You can see in the top photo an arm with winged creatures in flight. The other photo is the back of the chair with a series of buntings. I am stretching the confines of the Florida border and adding a few feathered fellows from other states in our great American continent.
Speaking of birds, the highlight of our morning walks has become the farm with the cheerful belled goats and their guinea hens and lone rooster. This is a living illustration of the barnyard friends. They literally run together and I swear, they play together.
Till next time and step 4.

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