The little black things.

At the left is one of the paintings I have hung at Artistree Co-op for this week’s opening. This pensive woman is the Lady of the Night Mind. She is letting the concerns of the day fly to the night winds with the fireflies. At some point we all have the sleepless nocturnal hours where our heads are spinning like gerbils on a wheel. My late dad whose birthday was yesterday used to call these,”the little black things that sit at the foot of the bed.”
Lady has been fortunate enough to learn the secret to a peaceful, restorative sleep. She can put the little black things in a locked attic and retake the night hours.

2 thoughts on “The little black things.

  1. I like this notion Beth. Last night I had a host of little black things. Now I know where to put them! I also like the white sheets of paper fluttering backwards from Lady of the Night Mind–so much the way it feels to return to sleep.PS–this is actually Hannah and I'm writing on my sister Amelia's new computer.

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