What a turkey! No really.

This is the kind of day I have had. Stressed, trying to get artwork together to hang at the gallery. A last minute call asking me if I could hang a few days early. Yikes. I won’t even bother to mention that both my honey and I are under the weather. As I am frantically framing and wiring paintings a movement in our backyard/woods catches my eye. Lord above…20 wild turkeys taking a stroll past the pool. Luckily we have a pool enclosure otherwise they would probably be doing the backstroke as I write this. They came around the side of the house to get a sneak peek at the artwork for next week’s opening. They walked up the stairs of the patio to the studio door. They peered in, freaking Harold the cat out.
These birds are huge. The males stood waist high and I am almost 5’8″. I snapped photos, my husband came out, our neighbor came over. (I learned some of these were jakes, year old males. One can tell by the long feathers on their tails.) The turkeys thought we were very interesting, not in the least bit afraid. I could have pet these crazy things. The only time they gobbled in alarm was when they wandered away and a car drove by. A little bit of Florida wildlife. Reminder: earlier posts include information on pythons. At least with these we could eat them not the other way around.

2 thoughts on “What a turkey! No really.

  1. Ask your significant other if he remembers going fishing at a pond on a turkey farm. I can't remember if he was part of the family at that point or not. It was a crazy afternoon – they are VERY curious creatures, and could not be dissuaded from coming over to bother us and interrupt our fun.

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