the Beach Lady and her perfect match

Eureka! A beach lady and the perfect frame have met. It is always a trial to find the perfect match. The perfect spouse (I have that one), the perfect shoes, the perfect purse, the perfect bottle of wine, you get the picture, “ha!”, said the artist,”yes, you get the picture.” This painting I am posting a hint of is the infamous “Where are the Children?” She has endured lots of comments about her zippy bathing suit and her dozing while the children played near a beach, what kind of mother is this anyway? Well she has been cornered, so to speak, by a frame I painted with a multitude of pattern. They have cohabited in the same house for a while and never met until this morning. They are about as happy as a couple can be. They look good together. They complement each other. They prop each other up when the other is down. Okay this is getting out of hand. Six days of cold and cough medicine have literally gone to my head.
Bottom line is the lovely beach lady will be turned out in style for the March 6th opening at Artistree Co-op. The event will be from 6:30-8:30. Come see her. She will be hanging around with other new characters for the month of March at this lovely spot at 1600 Edgewater in the College Park area of Orlando.

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