Mardi Gras radio via Starbucks

A New Orleanian office on Mardi Gras. Note: opened and beautiful Valentine Day tulips, gold beads with fleur de lis, frog with crown (on Mardi Gras somebody needs a crown), and the music you cannot hear. Starbucks has been selling a great CD of Mardi Gras tunes. The best way to start it out is with my all-time favorite Iko Iko sung by the Dixie Cups. I have told my family and written on my will that I want this played at my funeral for the recessional. The most joyous, infectious, get out of your chair song you have ever heard. Following this cheer is Litenie des Saints with Dr. John, Fats Domino’s When the Saints go Marching In (the song of the year), and Professor Longhair’s Go to the Mardi Gras. This is only the beginning of a long list of heartfelt going home kind of songs. Hope you can still find it and enjoy the sound of New Orleans’ radio stations at Mardi Gras.
P.S. The purple, green, and gold beads are on the wreath at the front door. The king cake has long been inhaled. Don’t forget lent begins tomorrow. What are you going to sacrifice? Reminder: this is all related to Catholic/Christian themes. Love to all in purple, green, and gold.

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