Need help sometimes.

You know how you go through life? Sometimes it is painless floating, no worries, in synch with the world. Sometimes it is floating with worries eating you up from the inside out. Powerless, waiting for the next “foot to fall”. We all need help from time to time. The blast off class is discussing a support crew. I am so fortunate. My crew is overflowing with support. My friends, my family, and more in shining armor waiting in my future.
To the right is the beach lady floating. Does she know what is out there waiting for her? Does she have the support to get through it?
My family always said,”Ask and ye shall receive.” I am sure it is biblical in its roots. We also meant we are here for you. I am.

3 thoughts on “Need help sometimes.

  1. Hi Beth, thanks for stopping over to see my blog and my affirmation cards. I don't usually spend much time drawing, and am happily realizing that I really enjoy doing it. Your creations are wonderful, too. I love the rich colors and the warm sense of humor & optimism that come through in your illustrations. And wow, I loved your story about running the 5K! I started running this year, too so I can totally relate. It's fantastic that you were able to run it with your kids–and did a few steps with your husband, too.As I was peeking through your blog–I was thinking that your work looked very familiar and then realized we took Alyson's Blog Triage class together last year. I agree, Alyson is a great coach–helping us get a glimpse of the big, overwhelming picture and then encouraging all the incremental changes we manage to make. I'm sure I'll be signing up for more sessions with her. Hope to see you there, too!

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