Introducing a fellow artist and blogger

I am happy to introduce to you Hannah Klaus Hunter. This talented woman is not only an artist, but an art therapist too. You can follow her blog at Hannah lives in Davis, California where she creates paper quilts of varied colors and feelings. She also has a body of work entitled Alchemy and Myths. These incorporate an alchemist’s bottle shape, paint, gold paint, text and other collage elements. With my New Orleans roots I especially like Katrina. You can see all of these on her website Another connection I haven’t even mentioned to Hannah is that she attended the University of Iowa for undergraduate work. Go Hawkeyes! My husband’s roots being in southeastern Iowa and my children considering University of Iowa this is close to my heart. I keep hoping somebody in my family will go to the Writer’s Workshop for graduate work. Maybe in my next incarnation I will do that.
The painting pictured here is from my hurricane series. When the Levees Failed is approximately 5″x 7″, acrylic paint on paper. (Sold)

What do you think?

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