Where am I going?

A new chapter, a new year, and a new decade. Starting it off right I have signed up for the Blast Off class Alyson Stanfield is offering. It starts tomorrow. My last foray into on-line classes was a great one, a blogging class offered by Alyson and Cynthia Morris. It is time for the next step into my art career. Time to make goals, devise a map, and read and reread the directions so I can get there. It would be nice to know when I get there so must define exactly where I want to go. I have done the thinking, as illustrated by this angel in “Quiet”. New year, new year’s “aspirations”, as gifted photographer, Dianne Poinski prefers to say.
New direction…all right already…go!
“Quiet”, acrylic, 16″x 20″, sold

One thought on “Where am I going?

  1. If this class is anything like the Blogging class I am sure you are in for an adventurous and productive ride. Looking forward to hearing about the class and your next journey wherever that leads you! Here's to success!

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