Lessons learned

The new year is upon us. How did we get to 2010, a new decade? Time is certainly speeding up and I have so many things I want to do. I better hurry.
A reflection on the year brings to mind the 5k I ran in November. My favorite blogger, The Realist has asked me to write a post on my first 5k. Check out the realist’s blog, http://www.dietsarecrap.blogspot.com for great health information. A personal insight into a real person’s quest for healthy eating, exercise, and the stumbling blocks on the way. Her advice is very palatable. Lesson learned: new year’s resolution includes reading this blog to keep my health goals in check.
The show I was accepted into, ArtistsRegistry.com Members Juried Exhibit produced an award of merit. Unfortunately I left the opening before the awards were announced so was surprised and delighted to receive the news via email. Lesson learned: stick around.
I have included a photo of “Lucy’s Dogs” the commission I did before Christmas. This piece is acrylic, 30″x 40″ with a gallery wrap. What a challenge and a treat to work on this piece. Lesson learned: shipping large paintings across the country takes lots of preparation.
The last month of the year was a great one for sales. Thank you to the wonderful people who thought enough of my work to purchase it to look at daily or to give as a gift. Lesson learned: I am blessed with people who encourage me, many without even knowing how important their confidence in me has been.
Please come back for an update on the 5k article, check out the dietsarecrap.com blog, and a surprise project for the new year.

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