Pencils bring Mr. Vegetable

I am working with a friend on a project that requires my illustration skills. The ones I want to hone. When I grow up I want to be an illustrator. I better hurry up. Here is one of the first pieces. It is on an ancient piece of Pantone paper from college days, filed away in a flat file for all of this time. (The giant wooden flat file has lived in garages in San Antonio, Colleyville, Texas and Orlando. What a great gift this was. We bought a house in San Antonio from the architect who had retired from his practice. He was so kind. I became the owner of a giant drafting table and giant flat file due to his largesse. They are still living with me.) Back to the illustration, Mr. Vegetable. He is primarily color pencil. I haven’t played with them in so long, but I love the bright colors against the smooth blue. This was a happy accident. The ease of the pencils, the portability and the fun are bringing them to the top of my materials list.
P.S. HP and Geek Squad deemed it necessary to replace my computer with a new one. Thank you to the technical powers that be for that blessing. I think I am me again.

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