Art instruction holidays

Studio Time Available or a Room with a View

This fall I am offering studio time for aspiring and already there artists. As the weather becomes what Florida is all about: cool, clear and inviting we begin to think about gifts for the holidays. There is always the thought that this year I will make something for my friends and family. Weeks go by and it is Thanksgiving and time is flying by. Next thing you know you are in a mall trying to figure out what can I buy Aunt Myrtle when she already has everything and doesn’t like anything or anybody anyway.
My studio and I can offer you:
New and clean workspace.
Natural light.
Outdoor paved patio.
New Orleans coffee or herbal tea.
Library of art books and magazines for inspiration.
A turntable so you can choose your own tunes to work by.
Tricks and techniques from a professional artist.
Flexible schedule to suit your needs.

You bring the materials and ideas, I provide the expertise and help you achieve beautiful results.
For $20 per hour you will get all of the things mentioned above, plus the satisfaction of producing an original gift, something that will be treasured and kept much longer than a Santa tie or an argyle sweater.
To set up a time contact me through my website at or email me at

artist studio Florida home studio

Home’s not merely four square walls, home is where affection calls.

I have moved back to my home studio. I thought it would be apropos to have a photo of where I will be working, but it is a jumble of chairs, paintings, supplies, and projects I am working on. Instead here are some of the unmentioned reasons I returned. A great view, when it is tamed, of my studio garden. A bleeding heart vine, one of the things that is happy to reside in the steamy out of doors, a gift from our French friend, Herve. And as most artists tend to have, a studio cat, Harold. His ancient friend, Scratch is not up for a portrait session after celebrating her 19th birthday yesterday with her boy who is away at college. I will follow up with the way the studio would look if nobody did any work in here. Oh merde, an ant crawling on my neck from our brief photo shoot outside. FLORIDA!


Death in Venice

When we were married almost thirty years ago a dear friend gave us a beautiful print she had made. It was an empty beach chair sitting on the sand. The title really grabbed us along with the incredible mastery of printmaking she showed at the age of twenty-one. The beach ball I painted this summer reminds me of Elizabeth’s piece in spirit only. The end of summer, quiet beaches when kids are back in school and families have returned to their routines away from vacation destinations. Elizabeth where are you?

Night in the Museum

Night in the Museum

Yes, really, Night in the Museum. I watched it last night. Without little people in the house I have missed so many good children’s and family movies. While visiting my daughter in DC a few weeks ago I saw a bus drive by with Night in the Smithsonian on the side. A message with wheels. So I followed through and really enjoyed this movie.
One of my favorite books is From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenwiler. Another night in a museum. This time in the Metropolitan. While in New York earlier this summer I had a quick trip through the Metropolitan Museum. I was continually reminded of the book and the children hiding in a sarcophagus.
A nice romp, as they say. A romp through the museum.

Red Hat Ladies


During the summer our studio had a group of Red Hat Ladies visit. They were stopping by before lunch at the restaurant next door. I thought I would do some special small pieces with them in mind. The ladies didn’t make any purchases so I still have this piece which lends itself to any frustration anybody faces. “Really?”

african rock pythons burmese pythons sandhill cranes

Run Sandhill Run!

I was reading an article in the Orlando Sentinel today. It seems not only do we have Burmese Pythons running/slithering wild in the state, we now have African Rock Pythons. They are typically only 16 feet long, but can grow to 20 feet. They will feed in Florida on raccoons and among other things water birds. Here is one of our local birds, the sandhill crane. I can’t say they are water birds, but they are natives here. Usually seen in pairs or in families with one or two children. I often see them in nearby pastures, but have seen them on neutral grounds on busy streets and one family frequented our bank. Hope they are watching out for those pesky pythons.

Color pencils vegetable

Pencils bring Mr. Vegetable

I am working with a friend on a project that requires my illustration skills. The ones I want to hone. When I grow up I want to be an illustrator. I better hurry up. Here is one of the first pieces. It is on an ancient piece of Pantone paper from college days, filed away in a flat file for all of this time. (The giant wooden flat file has lived in garages in San Antonio, Colleyville, Texas and Orlando. What a great gift this was. We bought a house in San Antonio from the architect who had retired from his practice. He was so kind. I became the owner of a giant drafting table and giant flat file due to his largesse. They are still living with me.) Back to the illustration, Mr. Vegetable. He is primarily color pencil. I haven’t played with them in so long, but I love the bright colors against the smooth blue. This was a happy accident. The ease of the pencils, the portability and the fun are bringing them to the top of my materials list.
P.S. HP and Geek Squad deemed it necessary to replace my computer with a new one. Thank you to the technical powers that be for that blessing. I think I am me again.

Alyson Stanfield

Stay or go?

When I took the blogging class taught by Alyson Stanfield this summer we had an assignment to write a list of future topics to blog about. I tried to look forward and see what issues I would be facing as the months rolled by. To stay or to go from my public studio was a topic I listed. I am at that point now. I have stewed over this and come to the conclusion that it is better to move back to my home studio. I have learned so much being in the public space with other artists. I have also learned my audience is in a different part of the city. The drive to the small town is more than many are able to schedule in their days with children and full calendars. I understand it is a fun destination for a day trip, but a drop-in on the spur of the moment is not possible for my clients who live at least 30 minutes and a freeway away. At the end of the month I will pack up my supplies, furniture, and paintings and come home. It will be a sad time to leave great people and a little town trying so hard to become an artist community. It will also be possible to refocus on one workspace, my on-line presence, and the quiet of my empty nest.

Colorado Geek Squad Montana

Wishing I was in the west.

Sigh…the great western United States. We are home after an extended trip through Colorado, Wyoming and north to Whitefish, Montana. The mountains, the water, the flowers, the magnificence are unparallelled. I know that is trite, but it is true. These are places that touch your heart. I can’t wait to go back.
Dropping our son at college was a difficult maternal moment, but he is happy and that is what is you want. Home again to Florida summer, enough said. So much time has elapsed and so much has happened that I will just pick up today and begin again.
…and the computer is still not fixed. The local Geek Squad is blaming HP, HP is looking into it. More than a month in their hands. I am adapting to an alien laptop that is trying its hardest, but just isn’t the same. I will give credit when credit is due to whoever gets this fixed.