Then the Levees Failed

In preparation for a busy day at the studio/gallery I spent the last several days painting small pieces. The thought was, in these economic times why not offer something for all pocketbooks. More birds, a sandhill crane (which are everywhere in our neighborhood. They are accompanied by their children at this time of year.)and some flying people who morphed into floating people were the subject matter.
Being from New Orleans I have a soft spot for the place. As seedy, humid, dark, and morose as it is, it is also beautiful, colorful, creative, and warm in its humanity. I know all sides, I lived there. I knew people of all types there, the really good and the really not so good. These little paintings, 5″x7″ on watercolor paper, have finally expressed some of my feelings about Katrina. There is a sad floating loss. The political aspects of this have gotten so out of hand the reality has been totally lost. I have my views, but they would not be popular in the present blame those last guys atmosphere so they will stay in my heart. Because I did live there. I do know the truth.

What do you think?

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