Orlando Draw Crawl

What a great idea…meeting other artists and taking a drawing tour of the Lake Eola area. I was able to stay only a very short time, but enjoyed it. Thank you Thomas for organizing this event. (http://www.thorspecken.blogspot.com/)The breeze off the lake even in the Florida summer at 8:00 a.m. is very pleasant. There were a multitude of people walking their dogs. The surprise was how many pit bulls there were. I thought there were a lot of them in our area because it is rural, I guess it is an Orlando/Florida thing.
Back to work in the home studio without a/c,(we are wondering if it could be the remnants of the lightning strike that brought everything to a halt.)
Following the guidance of our fearless leader, Alyson Stanfield, the art marketing guru (http://www.1automationwiz.com/app/?af=1019193) I carried my things (to an air conditioned room) and started labeling my folders for the files she suggested in her book. Amazingly the next day I needed some information quickly (to apply for the Bravo Series on art) (that is another blog)and there it was at my fingertips, organized and ready to go. Thank you Alyson.

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