conjunto music flamenco mariachi Rorschach

A little recycle

Cleaning up the studio I found some papers I had used to protect my table. There was a Rorschach of black paint on one of them. Thinking of the painting a day scenario I decided to play a little. Here is what happened. I think I am longing for days in San Antonio and Santa Fe watching mariachis or flamenco or conjunto performers.

water aerobics YMCA

Treasure in the pool

Back to the pool again this morning. After a few weeks of dragging myself to the Y for water aerobics I am realizing how much I like it. The exercise is okay and the people are great! I have been in exercise classes my whole adult life. Never have I been in a group where my classmates are so eager to say hello and introduce themselves. These are such nice folks. I am learning a lot sitting in the sauna warming up after our hour in the water. That is where the scoop is heard. There are illnesses, retirement plans, and a lot of arthritis. Thank you members of the morning water aerobics class. You are a treasure.

Katrina Levees New Orleans

Then the Levees Failed

In preparation for a busy day at the studio/gallery I spent the last several days painting small pieces. The thought was, in these economic times why not offer something for all pocketbooks. More birds, a sandhill crane (which are everywhere in our neighborhood. They are accompanied by their children at this time of year.)and some flying people who morphed into floating people were the subject matter.
Being from New Orleans I have a soft spot for the place. As seedy, humid, dark, and morose as it is, it is also beautiful, colorful, creative, and warm in its humanity. I know all sides, I lived there. I knew people of all types there, the really good and the really not so good. These little paintings, 5″x7″ on watercolor paper, have finally expressed some of my feelings about Katrina. There is a sad floating loss. The political aspects of this have gotten so out of hand the reality has been totally lost. I have my views, but they would not be popular in the present blame those last guys atmosphere so they will stay in my heart. Because I did live there. I do know the truth.

birds brides Gallery on First Vendo Art

Birds and Brides

The studio/gallery where my work is displayed, Gallery on First, has a very cool Vendo-Art machine. You can find them scattered around the country in different art venues. They are old cigarette machines that have been recycled to dispense wooden blocks that have been decorated by artists. The token to pay with is $5.00.
One of our responsibilities as artists in this gallery is to keep the machine filled with original art. All proceeds go to print invitations for openings or purchase refreshments. It has worked very well.
I have a small following of people who like my little blocks. One woman came to find me and asked when I would paint more of them. Another bride to be cautiously entered my studio. She said she was using the blocks I had painted for gifts for her bridesmaids. I have never been more flattered.

Florida Gelly roll pens Hurricanes Lake Eola

Spare me

The lack of a/c in our house especially in my studio is giving everything a heavy feel. Clothes feel heavy, food feels heavy, dark paintings feel heavy, paint feels heavy. The spare lines from the weekend sketches at Lake Eola are what I am feeling today. The man’s profile and the woman and her camera, quick gesture type drawings with a brown gelly roll pen…still love those things. So spare us the Florida heat without air conditiong. This reminds me of the post I made right after the lightning strike. It went something like this…at least we have electricity and therefore air conditioning unlike the days following the hurricanes of years past. Spare me.


Orlando Draw Crawl

What a great idea…meeting other artists and taking a drawing tour of the Lake Eola area. I was able to stay only a very short time, but enjoyed it. Thank you Thomas for organizing this event. ( breeze off the lake even in the Florida summer at 8:00 a.m. is very pleasant. There were a multitude of people walking their dogs. The surprise was how many pit bulls there were. I thought there were a lot of them in our area because it is rural, I guess it is an Orlando/Florida thing.
Back to work in the home studio without a/c,(we are wondering if it could be the remnants of the lightning strike that brought everything to a halt.)
Following the guidance of our fearless leader, Alyson Stanfield, the art marketing guru ( I carried my things (to an air conditioned room) and started labeling my folders for the files she suggested in her book. Amazingly the next day I needed some information quickly (to apply for the Bravo Series on art) (that is another blog)and there it was at my fingertips, organized and ready to go. Thank you Alyson.