Lightning strikes again

A tree outside my studio door was struck last Tuesday evening. I was in the process of turning everything off when it hit. So the ordeal begins again, this happened last fall almost the same spot. New phones, new alarm system, rebuild computer, new modem and router, new land line…We have a surge protector on the whole house and surge protectors on computers. My computer is on a hi-speed connection so has an actual wire attaching it to the internet cable. This is how it damaged my computer, not through the electric connection. So be forewarned if you are using dial-up use a surge protector that has a phone connection too. If you know of a protector for ethernet please let me know. This is getting very old. Living in Florida, the lighting strike capital of the world we are careful. This is not the pretty heat lightning, this is very violent and dangerous stuff. It was snapping around our house in the trees for about 20 minutes. It was long and pretty scary. BUT we still had electricity and therefore air conditioning. After hurricane seasons without this was a breeze. Relatively speaking.
I am off my computer for a few more days then it should be wired and transmitting.

2 thoughts on “Lightning strikes again

  1. I have a UPS (uninterruptible Power Supply) that has surge protection for 8 outlets and the ethernet. I got it at that computer store that went bankrupt (sorry, poor memory day). Bet Amazon can ship it to you – an APC Back-UPS ES 650. The other day our power cut out totally unexpected while I was working on something but I was left with power to the computer and a madly beeping UPS, but it worked and allowed me to save my work and shut down calmly. I think it was maybe around $100 but probably worth all that computer rebuild time!

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