It ain’t over…

This week I decided to venture into a new world. That of water aerobics. Several months ago I tore tendons in my right arm. It still hurts when I lift anything of any weight. So…I have been trying to figure out a new approach to healing. That explains why I have joined the ladies and gentlemen of the early aquarobics class. This morning we had a different teacher. Things were going along pretty well, good workout, warm water…then she said,”Find a partner.” Probably the two scariest words in the English language when you are in an exercise class of any description. Scarier when she says the men won’t like this…merde. She turned on waltz music and we were told to waltz with hands in the air toward our partner, high five and go back to our side of the pool, repeat with holding each others’ hands in the air and making circles, repeat with elbows locked in a square dance pose. We were laughing out of total horror. One man found an adorable little Asian lady. He was swinging her around and around. I think he had looked for an excuse to get his hands on her for a long time. My partner was the little lady with lots of jewelry who couldn’t float with the styrofoam noodle. The teacher had to jump in to help her when she kept rolling over facedown. She was a little round and finally with the help of two noodles could do the leg exercises.
I have often taken the birds’ eye view of the water aerobics classes from the upstairs weight room. I have thought what great subject matter this would be. Some of you know my history of painting Ladies at the Beach. My first piece(photo above) was in college, an acrylic assignment. I am not sure how I came up with it, but by the time it was finished one of the ladies looked like my favorite waitress, Mary, at the Torch diner. It was the restaurant where students could drink endless cups of coffee, get great breakfasts and grilled cheese for little money and be waited on by surrogate moms…
Things go full circle, now I am in one of my paintings. I am realizing a canvas isn’t large enough to hold these stories. We’ll see ’cause it ain’t over…

3 thoughts on “It ain’t over…

  1. Hi Beth- it's Lauren. I just got a chance to check out your blog and website. I love Blue Birds on your homepage- the colors and patterns are striking. I also think this story about your water aerobics class is great. I would love to see some paintings inspired by it- maybe for our next meeting?!?

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