Studio Landscape

I began a painting for the summer show using the view from my studio window as inspiration. Somehow a transformation took place and the finished piece looked like a view of a savannah or desert. I was trying to analyze how this happened and realized I often am guided by color. If I have just painted a purple sky I look for something to make it livelier (I just can’t use the word “pop”). The reds are next to the purples, the blue and orange together. I at first thought it was a complimentary color combination, but I see that isn’t accurate at all. Pictured is the view from the window and the piece now hanging in the Gallery on First.
This view was a jumping off point as opposed to the painting being a copy of what I see. In looking at my paintings you will see that is true of most of them.

3 thoughts on “Studio Landscape

  1. Hi Beth! I'm so glad you said hello on my bloggy – your work is amazing, love the pet portraits and your "nifty art" and also the way your colors glimmer like stained glass. I bet these are amazing in person!sending many hugs…

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