Graduation, visitors, family, gallery opening, parties have all come and gone. Incredible memories are still with me:
1.the faculty clapping for the students as they exited the auditorium with the bells ringing
2.child after child joining the line for photos
3.the man who made ice cream to order with liquid nitrogen (really)
4.taking my sister to the airport
5.wishing my daughter could be home for the summer like the old days
6.realizing how many great friends we have
7.the gallery filled with cheerful people supporting their friends and enjoying the art. Thank you friends, old and new, for taking your Saturday evening to join us.
8.trying to find my way out of the Metropolitan Museum in a time crunch. Going from Van Gogh to Cezanne to Degas looking for the exit and having to leave without looking at each of them.
9.suggestions for new directions.
10.stretching out on the sofa for a day and reviewing the month past.
I am posting two photos to see the transformation one painting made to feel worthy of appearing at the show. She was originally “Mother Nature”(on right). She has become in her own creepy way, “Blue Birds.”

What do you think?

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