The Party’s Over

Okay life can begin again as I know it. The graduation party for 70 at my house, with our cooking, cleaning, gardening, and decorating is over. It was a huge success. Everybody ate a lot, although there is one of four briskets, half a cake, three boxes of greens, and assorted other things, most importantly a lot of wine left over and several kegs of husband’s homebrew.
Sales Discussions of all types continued throughout the weekend.
I did as our marketing meeting suggested last week and handed out postcard invitations to the attendees as they left. As my husband, the sales manager supreme said, “Shameless commerce.” I guess to some degree it is. This is an invitation however to an event where one can gaze at art, eat good food and drink wine and beer. Wouldn’t everybody want to be there?
The sales discussions continued.
My daughter has started a new business in addition to her full-time consulting job. She is in the skin care market. The stuff is incredible. So we were talking about possible clients and reaching as many people as possible. She is taking the approach of going to large gatherings and dealing with people on a large scale, convention type platform. She is not doing one-on-one sales. This is a serious business direction.
Getting advice from outside sources.
A guest we had this weekend, Pringle Teetor, a glass artist from North Carolina, friend from 5th grade in New Orleans, visited the gallery to give me some ideas and tell me what some of her fellow artists had done in Hillsborough.

Seeing your sales techniques through other eyes.
When that visit was through my daughter and I reviewed what she had seen and how she would makes changes. We discussed everything from moving furniture, changing vocabulary in signs to what to paint.
To test the new information.
I have a show out of the gallery for an afternoon at a new retirement development. The vote was for more fat lady paintings. We did research at the beach on Mother’s Day. There were models aplenty. The human body is an amazing, and beautiful thing in all shapes and sizes. It was an artist’s dream to watch the swimmers and sunners, in their pageant walking by on the cloudless and brilliant day.

3 thoughts on “The Party’s Over

  1. The party was a huge success Beth! Thank you again for a fun night, and the chance to meet Pringle – she is delightful, and has been so nice to Megan.

  2. Artists will be picking up their paintings at the Polasek Museum on Sunday 5/17. maybe I’ll you at Alive After Five on Thursday. Your glass artist friend does some great work.

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