Pattern Becomes Lumpy After Dark Art Retreats

All of the positive comments about pattern have reinforced what I probably already knew, “Do what you want to do. Be true to you.”
There is a point in every painting where I stop and wonder if I am finished. This usually happens when I have just completed an area I am very happy with. The fear of ruining what I have just achieved is watching me. This is Art’s dark side. He sits in the corner and taunts me. He is filled with doubt. He is going to expose me as a fraud, I will be found out.
Then days later I remember I can paint over it if I don’t like it. This stewing period brings back sanity, I shoo the dark Art out of the studio, out of the car, and away for the time being. The evaluating has ended and the action can begin again. Happy Art who brings flowers and smiles has returned and is quietly reading his favorite book in the corner of the studio.
Wow, sounds like psychosis with a capital PSY.

What do you think?

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