Posting a Profile

I have finally posted a profile. I had resisted posting one afer receiving two creepy inquiries about paintings over the Christmas holidays. This caused me to back off of the internet.
Putting a photo on my profile is most frustrating, I take truly terrible pictures so opted for the paper mosaic self portrait. IF anybody can give me pointers on taking good portraits, good self portraits they will be my new best friend. I produced a huge yearbook for an affluent elementary school for 5 years. In that time I learned to take good photos of people of all ages, but I am still, myself, most unkind to cameras. I believe a large part of who I am is in motion. I should be talking, moving, moving my hands while I talk. Hmmm so photos of me should be blurry.
I realize I should also have a photo of Art in my profile or somewhere on my blog. If you have read my profile you will understand this statement. I need to get him camera ready so we can, together, have a photo-op.
(In photo see my first best friend, my sister, Lesley on the left. On the right, my first stint as a flower girl.)

2 thoughts on “Posting a Profile

  1. Hi Beth!Nice profile and I like how you made “Art” a person. I think the self-portrait mosaic works well, but if you want an actual photo, this is what I did. I had a good friend, using her digital camera because it did not work when she used mine, come over to my studio and she took a ton of photos. I had different colored outfits, sometimes I included my cat, sometimes I held my palette knives and sometimes I was at my easel. Just click away and something is bound to work. I settled on one, which is on my web site in “Meet Carol” at and I several back ups.Fellow BT Student.

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